Finished Projects:


  • Producing and Installation of mechanized CARGO TERMINAL for  Int’l Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Steel Structures producing and installation for PU1 project in ARISAN Saloon
  • Producing and Installation of Body Production Saloon and Paint shop No. 4 of IKCO.
  • Producing and Installation of some parts of Steel Structure parts for KHORASAN STEEL COMPLEX
  • Producing of Trim equipments and final assembling for Saloon NO.4 of IKCO.
  • Producing and installation of BARDSIR Steel complex Structure Project
  • Producing of NISSAN ZAMYAD Chassis production line
  • Producing and installation of SHOWER TEST equipments in IRAN KHODRO OF SEMNAN
  • Producing and installation of IKCO. SHUTTLE Transfer
  • Producing of Different kinds of Panel JIGS for Peugeot 405 & 206,SAMAND,DENA,L90, U90
  • Producing and installation of FLARE TOWER steel structure for SOUTH PARS District in ASALOOYE
  • Producing of TELE CABIN towers for Islamic AZAD University Tehran Branch
  •  Front outer fender pallets for Peugeot207  
  • CNG Fuel tank transporter pallets
  • DENA & 409 Steel roof pallets 
  • Testing machine for GEAR BOX LEVER changing Mechanism  
  •  Dynamic hardness testing machine    
  • Machining of two ROTOR BLOWER  machine
  • Producing of surface grinder machine with magnetic table   
  • Manufacturing of SAIPA PRESS jig & fixtures
  • Manufacturing of GEO GRIPPER &  unit of roof jigs for PEUGEOT PANORAM207  
  • Manufacturing of two jigs-CG025    
  • Designing& manufacturing of jig- UB015 and 64 units for Suzuki jigs for IKKCO.  
  • Supply of materials, construction, painting and transportation and installation of beams and related clamps
  • Manufacturing of side jigs of Peugeot405 for IKKCO.  
  • Executive operations to strengthen the truss structure and install a new structure of Iran Khodro assembly saloon NO.1
  • Producing of checking fixture for IPBeam Dena                                                                                                             


Current Projects

  • Manufacture of parts and units required by TAM for K132 line
  • Manufacturing of two jigs for trunk door of K132 Project
  • Manufacturing of main & sub jigs for IPBeam K132 production line
  • Construction of production line and side rail front part jigs of DAE project
  • Manufacturing of 11 panel gauges for IPBeam DENA project
  • Manufacturing of 16 panel gauges for IPBeam K132 project

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